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Your Business Is Our Business

Reach your business goals one by one with us guiding you every step of the way.

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What We Offer

JLM Consultants provides a wide range of business consulting services and professional advice to help you make smart decisions for your company. Whether you’re putting up a home care agency or a different enterprise, our team can assist you in securing business licenses, employer identification numbers, LLC licenses, tax ID numbers, and more. Reach out to us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to get started!

Home Care Licenses

JLM consultants will provide complete start to finish home care agency licensing services which includes:

  • Setup of Your Business Entity Structure (LLC or Incorporation)
  • EIN, Tax Account ID, Commercial Business License
  • All State Forms; Registering Your Business With the Department of State
  • Completion of Your Pennsylvania Department of Health Licensure
  • Provider Number, NPI Number
  • Consulting Services to Assure That Your Compliant With State Regulations
  • Policy & Procedure Manual, Employee Handbook
  • All Policies and Documents Needed for Employees and Clients
  • Complete Employee and Client Packets
  • Service Agreements and Forms for Clients
  • Company Domain Name and Email (Contact for Any Affiliates)
  • Caregiver Training Courses
  • Caregiver Competency Test
  • Caregiver App and Video Guide
  • Promotional Box

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