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Who We Are

JLM Consultants is a trusted business consulting company founded by Joy Mallory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs, especially home care agencies, to fasten permits, licenses, and other documents needed to set up the business.

Message from the Owner

"My name is Joy Mallory and I would love to join you on your road to entrepreneurship!

I vividly recall being a 4th grade student at Huey Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA when my teacher Mrs. Huff gave us entrepreneur as a vocabulary word. I’d like to think of that moment as a pivotal one as “Entrepreneur” and it’s meaning instantly became of significance to me. I felt a connection to that word in a way that I never felt before. Especially when my teacher stated that entrepreneurs had the ability to make their own rules and start their days as they please. At 9 years old, that was every child’s dream. I could sleep until 5pm (literally), if my parents allowed.

As an adult and now owner of 3 businesses, I can tell you that being an entrepreneur comes with so much more. Being an entrepreneur comes with ups, downs, roadblocks, sleepless nights, etc. It can also be very rewarding.

I got my first taste of entrepreneurship in 2014 when I along with my sister Ramona launched Fashion in the City (FITC) - Philadelphia’s Premier Mobile Boutique. A new innovative way of shopping, we so proudly brought to our City. This was a very exciting time for me as I took a leap of faith, leaving my medical position at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

In 2017 I tapped back into the medical field, only this time not punching the clock, but as the CEO of a successful Home Care Agency (Indulge Home Care Agency, Inc.) servicing all Southeastern Pennsylvania.

In 2020, I started JLM Consultant. JLM Consultant is a business consultant agency dedicated to assisting prospective/existing entrepreneurs.

As I mentioned earlier, being an entrepreneur comes with ups, downs, roadblocks, sleepless nights, etc. I’ve encountered a lot during my journey and I am confident that my experiences and expert advice will help you reach your business goals.

I will do my absolute best for your success!"

Mission Statement 

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